GLB Fire Protection

Excellence training

GLB Fire Protection

GLB Fire Protection strategically plans training for its employees to perfect their skills.

Our technicians are certified to install various fire protection systems. We carry out the installation, implementation and maintenance of our fire protection systems for automatic sprinklers, special hazards and fire alarms.

We have technicians specifically certified for the inspection of backflow preventers (BFP), as required by the “Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Québec” (CMMTQ; Corporation des Maîtres Mécaniciens en Tuyauterie du Québec).

Level I, II and III certified technicians use Retrotec leading technologies when time comes to evaluate room air leakage using Retrotec testing system to evaluate requirements for the protection of your special hazard clean agent system.


Access our Stat-X training for “First Responder” handheld firefighting devices. We also distribute Stat X products, which are the leading technology in stationary or handheld aerosol fire suppression systems.

GLB training videos in fire protection system inspection

View our training videos in fire protection system inspection.