GLB Fire Protection

Design, manufacturing, installation

The special characteristic of sprinkler systems is that they are customized products for each building. It considers dimensions, composition, structure specifications and products stored and handled on its premises. 

Fire Protection System Process – From Design to Activation

  1. Project evaluation
    • Evaluation is made to present customized design that meets the specifications of the building to protect. This work is assisted by HydraCAD and Hydralist technologies.
  2. Conception & Design
    • Hydraulic calculations and 3D screening are done to ensure that the virtual design corresponds to the company’s specific criteria. Municipal aqueduct tests are also performed to calculate adequate water provision. These measures help establishing the diameter of the sprinkler system’s piping and determine if a fire pump is required.
    • Development of the best solution.
  3. Fabrication
    • The HydraLIST technology produces a numbered list of the parts with their length, diameter and characteristics. The list is then sent to the plant for manufacturing.
  4. Installation
    • Installation of the system by our well-trained technicians.
  5. After-sale services

Installation works on a construction site represent the most important part of equipment implementation. It is therefore necessary to establish a good collaboration between the contractor and the client for a successful execution of the project