GLB Fire Protection

Foam systems

Système à mousse

Foam systems have special application system that discharges a concentrated mixture of water and foam that releases a stream of foam through the extinguishing unit (generator, sprinklers, portative wheeled unit).


  • Used for high fire hazard areas, such as flammable liquids, airport and heliport hangars;
  • Minimizes water damage;
  • Covers the material with a fine coat of foam to avoid re ignition of the fire once the degree of flammability (flashpoint) of a flammable product is reached.

Required Considerations

  • Foam can generate corrosion in the pipes;
  • Foam must be recovered in an ecological way and adequately disposed by an accredited laboratory;
  • More maintenance cost than a conventional system.

Environmental Sustainability

  • The foam must be recovered in containers and sent to a specialized firm for environmental recovery;
  • A foam system can prevent explosions and human losses.