GLB Fire Protection

Aerosol – First Responder

Aerosol fire suppression: A new cutting edge technology.

Do not go without the portable Stat X; we can give you accreditation with our online training and distribute these products.


  • Clean agent (almost no residue deposit);
  • Affordable;
  • Use at very wide range of temperatures (-40°C to 54°C);
  • Submersible;
  • Very rapid suppression;
  • Air delivery authorized.

Required Considerations

  • Fire suppression technology uses limited to small volumes (800ft³ per First Responder unit, additional units can be added for larger volume): car, bus, manhole, house basement, vault, etc;
  • Mandatory training prior to use;
  • Reduced visibility during release.

We offer online training.

We distribute these products online.

Environmental Sustainability

  • No ozone depletion potential (ODP).
  • No global warming potential (GWP).

Learn more about the following applications/characteristics :

Fire suppression of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle

Fire suppression involving a flash over using the Stat-X First Responder

Suppression of a manhole fire using the Stat-X First Responder



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