GLB Fire Protection




  • Clean agent;
  • The most installed chemical extinguishing agent worldwide;
  • Requires less storage space than inert gases because it is stored in liquid state;
  • Can be installed in occupied spaces;
  • Low cost for equipment maintenance.

Legal Aspect

Since 2012, it is mandatory to assess the integrity of the space to determine if a depressurization (venting) trap is required.

Despite popular belief, it is proven that the release of an FM 200 system causes significant negative and positive surges of pressure that can damage the architectural envelop of the protected hazard.

We ensure this expertise through our trained technicians and state of the art equipment.

Required Considerations

  • Requires a sealed room. We assess the sealing of the rooms with the most recent technology of Retrotec, and our technicians have level I, II & III certifications.
  • Sensitive system regarding to hydraulic elements, the cylinders must be in the room or in a surrounding area.
  • Risk of agent decomposition products and combustion products.

Environmental Sustainability

  • No ozone depletion potential (ODP);
  • Contributes slightly to global warming (GWP);
  • No collateral damage following release.

Relatively rapid re-activation of equipment following a fire.

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