GLB Fire Protection

Inert gases

Gaz inertes


  • Clean agent;
  • Made up solely of gases present in the atmosphere;
  • No emission of combustion products;
  • No reduced visibility during release.

Legal Aspect

Obligation to install a depressurization trap (NFPA 2001 A. 5.3.6). The room must be perfectly sealed (NFPA 2001 A.

Required Considerations

  • Occupies a lot of space because stored in its natural state;
  • Flexible in terms of hydraulic elements (cylinders at 300-400 feet);
  • Reduced exposure time for occupants depending on agent concentration (NFPA 2001 A.;
  • Costly maintenance of equipment.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Contributes slightly to global warming;
  • No ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Equipment Re-Activation Time

Long and costly