GLB Fire Protection

Products distributed

No matter the accreditations required by authorities having jurisdiction, GLB can meet all your needs.

We are experts of the following fire alarm products to cover Quebec and Canada’s clients and we meet the highest requirements of commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, and those meet different effective accreditations and legislations.

We will be happy to provide more information on our fire alarm catalogue and products.

Products distributed are listed ULC, ULC and/or FM.

PotterPotter fire alarm products are designed and manufactured to meet different needs for small and medium scale buildings. They are recognized to be very reliable. They are often associated with fire alarm control panels in residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

VigilantVigilant – The Vigilant series presents solutions for fire alarm systems offering unique fire alarm panels for all your fire safety needs. They are designed and manufactured to meet different needs from small to medium scale buildings. The Vigilant brand also represents a complete range of special application products for the most demanding installations.

FenwalFenwal offers some of the most technologically advanced and specialized products in fire alarms. Their products combine the required quality, reliability and flexibility for all large scale commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

System SensorSystem Sensor offers a range of different products, such as carbon monoxide sensors, audible and visual alarms, and air sampling alarms mostly for commercial and industrial sectors.

Safe FireSafe Fire Protection, in addition to providing the fire protection industry with the most precise air sampling sensors, it also meets technical requirements to ensure the system’s optimal performance for every type of risk. The new CCD (cloud chamber detection) technology combines in one unique sensor the benefits of traditional, beam and CCD smoke detections, providing immunity against false alarms caused by dirt, dust, temperature and humidity.

Edwards offers fire alarm panels designed using state-of-the-art technologies that meet conventional needs and Edwardssophisticated fire alarm systems.